After a painful divorce, Bigg Boss Marathi’s Sharmishtha Raut is now open for a second marriage

Sharmishtha Raut

Bigg Boss Marathi’s 1st season proved to be a life-changing opportunity for many contestants. Some decided to write a book like Anil Thatte whereas others decided to control their anger like Aastad Kale.

There’s one contestant of Bigg Boss Marathi, who wants to get married post the show.

Sharmishtha Raut was one of the finalists of the show, who had taken an entry in the Bigg Boss Marathi house through the wild card. The actress had decided to enter the show because of her personal reasons.

Speaking to, she said, “Bigg Boss Marathi has really changed my thinking. I have forgotten my past and moved on in my life. Now I want to focus on my career and will soon be getting married again.”

The actress added, “I haven’t decided on when I will get married but my parents are happy by just hearing that I am ready for second marriage.

Sharmishtha has taken a divorce with her first husband just before the show. She wanted to forget her past marriage life and move on in her life and the actress decided to take a part in Bigg Boss Marathi.

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