Bigg Boss 12 day 12 preview: Nehha and Karanvir manipulate jodis


The winds of change are flowing again in the Bigg Boss house with the next episode set to witness the election of a new captain. After the singles won the luxury task that jodis found hard to digest, the for fight captaincy comes as a fresh chance for the inmates to alter the masts of the ship again.

After a heavy dose of drama, action, emotions and laughter, Romil-Nirmal and Dipika were sent to the kaalkothri, leaving the rest puzzled about the new captain’s appointment.

The house inmates woke up to ‘Woh Sikandar Hi Dosto’ and geared up to witness the election of the new captain. Being the winners of the luxury budget task, Bigg Boss conferred Nehha with a special power on the behalf of singles. She was asked to get her team of singles to nominate two contestants from either their team or one from the singles and one from the jodis for captaincy.

Interestingly, the singles don’t waste much time in nominating Nehha and Karanvir unanimously. However, their happiness takes a sudden dip as Bigg Boss gives the power to choose the captain to the jodis. This was followed by Nehha and Karanvir trying hard to manipulate the jodis to win their votes.

As part of the captaincy task, two set of stumps were placed in the house with Karanvir and Nehha’s names on them. Each member from a jodi had to come as a wicket keeper to Sreesanth’s bowling and stump the wicket of the contestant they didn’t want to become a captain by justifying his/her actions. The contestant with the highest score was declared the captain after five rounds.

Source: Hindustan Times

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