Bigg Boss 12: Jasleen Matharu’s Father Trashes Rumours About His Daughter’s Pregnancy As ‘Baseless’


Following a lovers’ tiff, and a break-up on national TV, Jasleen Matharu and Anup Jalota, enjoyed a romantic date in the khaas room in Bigg Boss 12.

We shared details of their romantic rendezvous with you, earlier today. The answer to whether this blow hot-blow cold affair has been engineered to grab TRPs, is not a difficult one.

Goes without saying, this is an out and out publicity stunt for just days ago, the two had broken up on national television. Their Jodi has been the talk of town, owing to the massive age gap between the lovers. Anup is twice in age to Jasleen.

Since their entry in the reality show, theories have abound – about their relationship, or the lack of it. One such (bizarre) theory was Jasleen’s pregnancy. There were rumours that the lady had had to terminate her pregnancy.

One Aneesha Singh, a model and Anup’s confidante, had revealed in an interview to, that Jasleen claimed the pregnancy was due to Jalota’s carelessness. A claim refuted by the bhajan singer.

Since both Jasleen and Anup are not available for comment, as they are in the Bigg Boss house, it’s next to impossible to get their side of the story.

However, a man who has been very vocal, especially in his opposition to the relationship – Jasleen’s dad, Kesar Matharu, has spoken up about the same.

In an interview with an online portal, Telly Masala, Kesar Matharu slammed a section of the media for carrying unverified news, not backed by support or evidence.

Terming the rumours as ‘baseless’, Kesar Matharu requests people not to speculate. He also goes on to say, “agar yeh baat sach hai toh saamne aao (with proof).”

As per Kesar Matharu, in case of being pregnant, as claimed by Aneesha, there is a doctor, nurses, medical center personnel, a sign up on which the woman signs and other evidence so if she is talking about Jasleen’s being pregnant, she must be having some proof far too.

If it is genuine, she should really come forward and show the evidence. She is speaking to media but is not coming forward and showing her face, like I have done, Kesar Matharu told Telly Masala in the interview.

Source: Spotboye / Telly Masala

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