Bigg Boss 12: No eviction again, Anup Jalota sent to secret room


Seems like the makers are in no mood to send Bigg Boss 12 contestants back home as once again, no contestant was eliminated this week.

In Sunday’s episode, vicitra jodi Jasleen Matharu and Anup Jalota received the least number of votes. Host Salman Khan then announced that only one would leave, while the other will get a chance to stay back.

As Anup stepped out wishing his ladylove a long run in the show, he was directed towards the secret room.

The secret room has always been an important part in the Bigg Boss show. Contestants, who get to spend some time in the room, get an access to what’s going on in the house. From housemates bitching about them or remembering them, the contestant gets to see the real faces of everyone.

While the secret room has mostly managed to spark a war, it sometimes gives chance for contestants to introspect their bonds and return to the show with a more positive attitude.

Anup Jalota entered the show with his girlfriend Jasleen Matharu. While their relationship created quite a furor, fans have now started to enjoy their sweet love story. Recently, the couple had seen a major low when Anup decided to break all ties with Jasleen.

His decision came after Jasleen refused to give up her makeup and clothes or even cut her hair short in order to save Anup from nomination.

The bhajan maestro took her decision to heart and decided to break up with Jasleen. But in just two days, they made up and Bigg Boss also surprised the two with a romantic date.

To add a further twist in their relationship, Salman announced the exit of Anup and Jasleen. And then gave a chance to save one of them. Within seconds, Anup decided to leave as he confessed that Jasleen deserves to be on Bigg Boss more than him.

Teary-eyed, Jasleen bid Anup goodbye, not knowing that he will be keeping an eye on her actions from the secret room.

Source: Indian Express

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