Bigg Boss 12: Shivashish Mishra tries to see Kriti Verma’s Personal Medication


What is Bigg Boss without two contestants randomly falling in love with each other inside the house, right?

Every year, contestants decide to play the love card in order to survive for long on the show.

And this year, it’s Kriti Verma and Shivashish Mishra, who are getting all flirty with each other on Bigg Boss 12, reports In an unseen video from the Bigg Boss house, we see that Nehha Pendse gets some medicines for Kriti, who is sitting in one corner of the house with Shiv. As soon as she gives it to her, Shiv is curious to see her medicines. And what happens next? Well, of course Kriti tries to take the medicines from Shiv, but he manages to see them.

Kriti and Shiv look quite comfortable in each others’ company. On the other hand, housemates are also teasing Kriti’s partner Roshmi Banik. Just recently we saw an unseen video in which Sourabh Patel and Jasleen Matharu are teasing Roshmi by saying that her lip balm is always with Shiv, and she blushes, while all of this is happening.

She then tells them that she has brozoned Shiv, but when he walks in, he refuses and says that he shares a “brobond” only with Nehha. We wonder what is happening? Is Shiv trying to create a love triangle inside the Bigg Boss house?

While the romance is fresh, we are totally confused as to who is in love with whom. Well, all we can do is just wait and watch to see where this love story of Bigg Boss 12 goes.


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