Eunuchs assault actor Kalyanji Jana at Malwani at midnight, attempt to steal his mobile phone and wallet

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Upcoming actor Kalyanji Jana was assaulted by eunuchs and hizdas at Malwani back road behind the Ryan School on Monday night around mid-night.

The incident happened when Jana objected to the eunuchs soliciting customers for prostitution at the back road area near the Malwani creek bridge. Jana asked the eunuchs to leave the area as they were obstructing traffic and creating a traffic jam.

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This is when four eunuchs pounced on Jana who was on his motorbike and started thrashing him. Jana telephoned his friends from Evershine Nagar who reached the spot within a few minutes.

His friends tried to catch hold of the eunuchs but were unsuccessful as they had autos waiting to pick them up. By then the eunuchs fled in waiting auto rickshaws before Jana’s friends could nab them.

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Jana says the eunuchs tried to steal his mobile phone and wallet and when he resisted they beat him and tore his shirt.

Jana approached the Bangur Nagar police station, but the concerned Duty Officer refused to register his complaint saying that even registering an NC was not possible.

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As reported earlier, even as the patrolling vans of the Bangur Nagar police station play blind, eunuchs, hizdas and other sex workers are having a gala time doing brisk business and soliciting clients on the Evershine Nagar back road behind the Ryan School and at Malwani near the Atharva College Road area.

The stretch of road, which continues as a dirt track after about half a kilometer is plagued by all kinds of anti-social elements, including couples who many a time are short-changed and harassed by the eunuchs late into the night.


Prostitutes who solicit clients take them behind the waist-high wall for a “quickie”, charging Rs 100 to Rs 200 for their “short time services”. These sex workers are frequented and patronized by youngsters from Malwani and Charkop and the eunuchs do not use any protection, putting the youth at great risk of infection. caught the eunuchs red-handed on Monday night around mid-night in the act. When this reporter started clicking photographs, some of the sex workers and eunuchs ran towards Malwani, while 2-3 of them scaled the wall and disappeared in the darkness below the bridge of the Malwani creek.


There were at least 10-12 eunuchs who were a nuisance in the area and blocking traffic around mid-night on Monday, this reporter noticed.

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