I trusted her, she disappointed me: Bigg Boss 12 evicted contestant Neha Pendse lashes out at Dipika


Neha Pendse has become the first celebrity contestant to be evicted from the show. Initially perceived as a strong contestant, Neha could not register her presence in the show the way she wanted to. In an exclusive conversation with India Today online, The May I Come In Madam tells us where she went wrong in her approach.

You were touted as one of the strongest contestants in the Bigg Boss 12 house initially. What went wrong?

I am very disappointed to be out of the house so early. I think the fact that I didn’t show any aggression backfired for me. Also my friendship with Dipika and trust on her didn’t work out for me.

Everyone said that I didn’t have an opinion of my own and I was saying yes to everything Dipika was saying. In my defence to that, if there are two people in a conversation, it looks stupid on my part to oppose or say no to what the other is saying. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have opinion of my own.

Besides, I was not keeping well when I entered the Bigg Boss 12 house for many days. I was not entirely in my spirit and I couldn’t portray myself in a correct manner

You kick-started your Bigg Boss 12 journey with BB 12 press conference task in quite an explosive way. Why did you mellow down later?

In Bigg Boss 12 house one needs to make a mountain out of a molehill. It’s an art and I don’t specialise in it. If people are not targeting me, how do I defend myself. In Dipika’s case, for one reason or the other, she was targeted at every single step. So she had to clarify. And I have this nature that I don’t get hyper so easily and approach the game with a lot of calmness.

My problem has been that I try to sort it out and not act as a victim. I am not someone who will cry and that went against me. My calmness, maturity went somewhere against me. These attributes are good in outside life but not here. I could have made a mudda out of certain situations. Somewhere I forgot I’m in the game. I definitely take that on myself.

Sree made a direct comment that he will make me cry, now that’s directly attacking somebody’s character. I realised that he had nothing against me and he had made that comment in retaliation of me telling him that he needs to be mentally strong. So, I didn’t take the entire thing personally and that’s where I went wrong. I should have made a mountain out of a molehill.

Who disappointed you the most in the game?

You only get disappointed with who you trust the most. I trusted Dipika the most. I feel somewhere she let me down and it started when Sree made such a big comment about me and she never mentioned it to me. After that also she was supporting Sree and never said that Sree should not have made a comment like this. She said gusse mein bol diya. She was justifying his anger.

I was very sure she will never say anything against him. That’s when I realised that as much as I took her seriously, she never took me seriously. When Dipika was targeting Surbhi for her aggression, how could she not call out Sree on being aggressive all the time? That’s when I realised she was very biased.

I trusted her completely. I loved her. Whether that thing was reciprocated or not is a big question.

You could never get along well with Srishty. Why?

Srishty was very volatile. She couldn’t take criticism in a positive manner. If I’m her friend, I will point out what I feel wrong about you. If I feel somebody is getting volatile and taking things in other way, I better stay away from that person.

You said something about Srishty that was discussed in Weekend Ka Vaar. Why didn’t you own up to your statement?

I had forgotten it myself. What happens is when we are in the house, we are talking about a lot of things about a lot of people. I forgot I made this statement. It was my second day in the house when I said it. When Dipika made me realise you had said it then I owned it up and told Srishty about it. It wasn’t that I was running away from it.

Who do you think can win the show?

It’s too early to say. There are ten more weeks to go. I think Romil bahot achcha dimaag laga raha hai. He is playing it well. He is someone who is just operating from his brain. He is not showing aggression, he is very calm and using his vakeeli mind to the fullest.

Who’s the most dangerous contestant of all?

Romil is quite dangerous because wo dimaag baho chalata hai. I cannot trust a person like Romil. If I say something in confidence he might use it against me.

What about Surbhi?

Surbhi is aggressive in the way she puts forward her point of view but she has a very clean heart. I do not remember Surbhi instigating somebody. Her style is very loud, but she is not manipulative.

How far will Khan sisters go?

All of a sudden wo thandi pad gayi hain. Earlier they were standing out, even though for a wrong reason. In this game what is important is standing out, be it for wrong or right.

If you return as wild card entry, will you change your strategy?

If I return, I will change my strategy. My goodness has been taken in a wrong way. I will continue to be good but if people think I don’t have a voice and that I don’t take stand for myself, that’s what I will do. I will show that I have another side to me. Nobody will be able to take my goodness to my advantage.

Source: India Today

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