Shanno to spend the night hiding behind Harak’s bed in Colors’ Shakti

Colors’ Shakti

MUMBAI: Rashmi Sharma Productions’ Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki on Colors recently witnessed a twist, where Shanno (Aarya Rawal) was trapped while trying to expose Saumya’s kinnar truth to Super Nani (Krutika Desai).

Now, in upcoming episodes, she makes another evil plan, but ends up spending the whole night hiding behind Harak Singh’s (Sudesh Berry) bed.

Shanno is adamant about revealing Saumya’s (Rubina Dilaik) reality to Super Nani. She writes an anonymous letter mentioning that Saumya is a kinnar and keeps it inside the Ramayan, which Super Nani reads daily. However, Preeto (Kamya Punjabi) gets a hold of the letter. She later warns Shanno that if she ever dares to do this again, she will expose her in front of everyone.

A source shares, ‘Before getting married, Shanno has written a letter to her father, in which she had mentioned that she is not ready to get married since she loves someone else. Somehow, Preeto got that letter. Now she is blackmailing Shanno and forcing her to keep her lips sealed, else she will give that letter to Shanno’s husband. To destroy the letter, Shanno sneaked inside Preeto’s room. Harak entered the room while she was searching for the letter. A panicked Shanno decides to hide herself and ends up spending the whole night behind the bed.’

Will Shanno manage to destroy the letter and reveal Saumya’s identity to Super Nani?


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